According to Statista, worldwide internet sales are expected to hit $4.5 trillion by the end of this year as they continue to rise. India is home to the fourth-largest internet retail market, which is still expanding, thanks in large part to the recent COVID-19 regulations.

The increase in online shoppers and the need for online enterprises are a response to these figures. Online merchants have a huge chance to develop their brand and streamline their revenue stream through their sales funnel.

Yet how?

Consumers are plenty, but how can you be sure that the proper ones are visiting your online store? With Google Ads, of course!

Our top 5 suggestions for using PPC to draw in customers

• Customization: Google Ads may be tailored to fit your campaign or current consumer trends, and it never becomes stagnant (unless you allow it to).

• CTA: You can choose to include landing page links and a contact phone number in your Google Advertisements campaign

• Retargeting tools: Send targeted advertising to users who clicked your ad but were not “converted,” as Neil Patel puts it.

• Targeted Keywords: Paid advertisements keyword-wise.


You may decide to base your copy creation for your Google Ads campaign on the broad category of goods or services you provide. For instance, the material for the PPC campaign we developed for our client Jexcore Infotech initially concentrated on scales and professional-grade weighing devices. This text was producing a consistent stream of conversions and traffic to the online business because it was in line with their keywords.

However, once the COVID-19 outbreak got underway and consumer behaviours started to change, we saw an opportunity to tailor their PPC campaign. Businesses were progressively shifting away from cash handling, and working from home was gradually becoming the norm. Smaller scales that could be utilized in home offices grew popular as a result, as did Point of Sales systems. When the Google Ads campaign was increased to fit, Jexcore infotech’s web traffic increased dramatically!

In just one year, Jexcore Infotech more than tenfold increased conversions from their PPC advertisements. Your eCommerce firm will continue to expand if you adapt the campaign message to your company’s goals and objectives while also taking consumer trends into account.

Specified Keywords

Google users are consumers! A Clutch survey found that one-third of respondents would click on paid search if it satisfied their search criteria.

Every Google Ads campaign is built around a specific set of keywords related to your company, brand, product, or service. The choice of the finest keywords for conversion should take into account a variety of aspects, thus we advise consulting an expert to carry out in-depth market research to identify terms with high buyer intent. 

You will get quick results if your PPC campaign is trustworthy and your keyword selection is carefully considered.

It may take a few months for SEO to realize its full potential because it is a long-term approach. It’s great to practice combining a Google Ads campaign with SEO because they complement each other effectively and produce consistent search results. Customers will be encouraged to ADD TO CART right away when your online store shows on Google in both the sponsored and organic sections, demonstrating brand credibility.

Testing A/B

PPC campaigns are renowned for both their immediate outcomes and their immediate reports. You may test a variety of campaigns using Google Ads, each with a different set of pictures, videos, copy, and CTAs. You will learn the best approach to connecting with your target market through the comparison and testing of several campaigns.

This testing method will provide instant results so you can focus your work on a well-researched Google Ads campaign rather than investing money and resources in a campaign without knowing for sure how beneficial it will be. When you create a customized plan for your online store, you may save costs, do away with inefficiencies, increase traffic to your brand, and much more!

‘White cotton Dress’ CTA links

Consider how many queries and potential consumers would be made each day using comparable words. One of the many reasons Neil Patel recommends Google Ads as the greatest platform to increase eCommerce sales conversions is how simple it is to send visitors to your website.

You can use CTA links in your PPC strategy when writing the ad wording. Direct links and persuasive writing are the ideal combinations to boost website traffic, which will boost revenue. You can also provide a phone number here if you run an internet service business that provides consultations.

To drive targeted visitors to their store, the Jexcore Infotech specialists are collaborating with our client. We have added their listings in Google Shopping in addition to the CTA that is shown on Google Ads. For online companies with a large number of products, this is a terrific digital marketing technique since it enables Google to highlight product pages that are pertinent to a search.

Tools for Retargeting

In order to “track” potential clients while they browse the internet, Google has embedded technologies into their Google Ads platform. Customers could elect to shop elsewhere for a variety of reasons or they might decide not to buy right away after clicking your campaign ad.

Customized advertising can be made using PPC to target customers who abandoned their shopping carts. The goal of this campaign is to get customers back to your online store so they can finish their purchase, so Google’s retargeting code will display it to them across the search engine’s ad slots!


Do you want to maximize sales and profitability on your eCommerce website? The Jexcore infotech team has extensive knowledge of Google Ads, keywords, and customization. Utilize our specialists’ expertise today to build a customized PPC campaign and reach your full online potential!

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