Maxum Brutal Street Racing 3D will present to you the experience on the race track genuine. The city of lavish and glorious will be reproduced on the diversion. You can race around the urban areas in the cities of indonesia (Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Samarinda, Jayapura)

The best approach to play is very straightforward, all players need to tilt to one side or the privilege, to go, to maintain a strategic distance from impediments or to gather ($, Nitro) en route.

Furthermore, screen is likewise shown 2 concealed hubs (brake and quicken Nitro catch if vital).

The auto framework is up to 10 supercars

Amusement has great 3D designs and wonderful.

Landscape and circuit in the amusement is smooth and makes up the legitimate sentiments.

Feature :

3 modes available on quick race
– Normal
– Checkpoint and
– Time trial

Play career mode you must finish every stage and achieve mission to continue next level. in this case something you must get 3 star fisrt to continue.

In the garage can upgrade car engine , change car color, and you can also buy new cars using money that you get on every race that already you finished.

It is available 10 supercars in this time that you can use from show room.

How to :

To play this game control is using tilt control , shake your phone to move left or right, available brake button on screen also nitrous.

For graphic setting you can choose low, medium and high , choose what you need suitable to your need.


    A student must not fail any test.

    Student Hero is one of those good students for being in a learning environment, and sometimes might not like teachers. Challenge your friends on who should choose the way Student Hero lives in this game.

    – Awesome design
    – Addictive gameplay with slow motion effect
    – Easy controller – only one finger

    Student Hero has a special gameplay with the slow motion effect. The mission of
    the player is help the Hero getting his test from the evil teachers. To make him
    moving just tap on screen and drag your finger to make him jump follow the direction.
    ***You must help him kill all the evil teachers to find the key to get the test results
    *** Before downloading, please be aware that this game is super awesome and you’ll really love it.



      Zoosh game is old School puzzle game also known as “noughts and crosses or X and O”. Now no more wasting paper and save important trees, that useful to our Life.


        Ride your bike around while enjoying the realistic bike physics and fight and fast-paced gameplay. Good graphics and great controls makes Bike race Free a nice time killer!
        Each level is more challenging and exciting than the other. Master all levels of Bike Race Free, and perform some daring stunts!

        Full of thrilling stunts Motor Bike Fight N Stunts is fun to play but difficult to master! Ride your bike fast and jump high, off the stunt ramps. Perform all sorts of stunts but keep an eye on the time.
        Motor Bike Fight N Stunts is full of challenges, stunts and a lot of fun!

        Exciting features of Motor Bike Fight N Stunts:
        Realistic bike physics
        Nitro Boost to ride even faster
        Beautiful Beach environment
        Stunning 3D Graphics
        Thrilling stunt ramps and obstacles
        Challenging Levels
        Realistic motorcycle handling
        Different motorcycles to choose from
        Easy to learn and drive
        Bike Race Free will make you feel the speed! Nitro Boost will take you flying off the stunt ramps!
        Be Fast, Be Furious!


          FARM TRADING

          Farm trading is casual game that present learning on farm management your mission is to create success story on the farm company business.

          In this game you will start from beginning on farm simulation business , you can harvest plant , feed animal for livestock product , do research to develop your farm , selling your product in the market.

          You can explore more than 100 level and update, available many task to finish and continue mission.

          To save your current game progress use Facebook login.



            Fruit Match Mania is puzzle game Connect one fruit with another, making lines horizontally, diagonally, or vertically and crush those.


              SUBWAY TRAIN SURF RUN 3D

              Welcome To Subway Surf Game. Most Playing Game this time.
              Subway surf runner 2017 is the latest and most challenging game to play,
              in this new subway surf game you will find some different characters and very interesting.

              Surfing on the streets and dodging through the rail ways and trains have never been more fun, addicting and challenging with the Super Subway Surf. In this free endless runner game, you need to escape from the security guard rail, and you also need to avoid hitting the trains and other obstacles. You are all alone in your adventures and endless journey, and you also get to collect coins, keys and some power-ups to be able to reach higher scores and run further distances. The coins can be used to purchase different cool power-ups as well is in-game characters, and the keys will help you rescue from the inspector in this new Subway Surf 2017 game. Speaking of available power-ups and boosters, you get to collect (or purchase) the following items: Rocket to fly, Shoes for super jump, Magnet to absorb the coins while running, Multiplier to double the coins you collect, and Skateboard to literally surf and getting an extra life

              Super Subway Surf 3D 2017 Main Features at a Glance:
              Clean and neat design with fresh and intuitive interface
              High-quality 3D graphics, amazing environments and wonderful sound effects
              Super easy to learn subway surf game
              Different challenges, obstacles, hurdles and even trains to pass through
              Addictive endless runner game
              Different power-ups and boosters to collect
              Collect coins to purchase in-app items and characters
              Fun for everyone
              Free with no in-app purchase items

              How to play New Subway Runner:
              1. Subway Surf game is very easy, you just escape from the pursuit of a security guard who keeps the train carriage, why are you pursued? Because you have ruined the train car with paint / drawing it.
              2. When you are pursued, there will be many challenges that will hinder you, but do not panic, because when you are pursued you will find items that make you easier to run / avoid pursuit of the security guard.
              3. In addition, you are also required to collect coins, subway surf 2017 of this runner also has a lot of coins, then when you run, you have to collect as much coins as possible and the coin is useful to buy items in the new subway game 2017.

              Download Super Subway Surf 3D 2017 for free and let us know about any bugs, questions, feature requests or any other suggestions.

              Okay, that’s some brief but clear explanation, hope you enjoy the new subway surf 2017.


                Do you have feel stress in your office,home or near by? Now this streets removal spinner in your palm with super application in android. With this simulator game no need to take the real fidget spinner with you any more.

                Fidget Faster Finger Spinner game is the perfect game to relax. Just Spin it with your finger and show the awesome magic.

                How to play:
                – You have 5 Swipes to make the best spin what you can do.
                – Swipe faster to your left or right.
                – Swipe your finger faster on spinner fidget to spin more and get more rewards.
                – Unlock the next spinner with complete the target.
                – Purchase the spin from rewards and clear level by level.
                – Your each spin will make closer to unlock the new fidget spinner toy.

                Let’s see how much you can do, Can you clear all?

                  MULTI POWER SUBWAY SURF 3D

                  ??? ?????? ????: ??? ???? ????? ???? is a subway themed endless run game.

                  Slide the screen to surf in subway, escape from inspectors.
                  Super crazy running game, Subway Surf: Bush Rush 3D as fast as you can! ??? ?????? ????: ??? ???? ????? ???? is an amazing running game on subway for runner. Run along the chaos complex traffic subway and escape from the monster.
                  Swipe to turn, jump and slide to avoid hitting obstacles, barrier and subway trains. Have exciting run surfers on Bus 3D, collect coins and buy power up. Unlock new characters, and see how far you can run! Underground city adventure travel along the subway tracks start now,surf with your friends. Run like hell and challenge your limit. Super Subway Surf Hours must be a very fun run game. Download it now and start your Subway Surf run and forest surfers, join the most thrilling dash.
                  ??? ?????? ????: ??? ???? ????? ???? Features:
                  – A variety of role selection, a variety of unique skills
                  – Easy and smooth operation
                  – New subway scene,wonderful underground city and forest.
                  – Thrilling moment, death speed

                  How to play ??? ?????? ????: ??? ???? ????? ????:

                  – When you are pursued by a security guard / ranger, you must run and stay away from the security guard, when you run, you will find many challenges that can make you fail to succeed in playing the 2017 subway surf game.
                  – In the game there will be many useful items for you, such as: rocket to fly, skateboard, jumping boots, and others.
                  – When you run, you must collect gold coins, the coin is useful to buy characters and items in the ??? ?????? ????: ??? ???? ????? ????.

                  That’s how to play this 2017 subway, hopefully be entertained.

                    8 BALL PLAYER

                    Play the 8 Ball Player game on your mobile and become the best! You can choose a person to and invite your friends to play pool game.

                      YACHT DAY

                      YachtDay is the best way to book a yacht, with just a few clicks you can be out spending the day on a yacht. YachtDay allows you to connect directly with the yacht owners and view all available yachts in a selected city. YachtDay offers guaranteed lowest prices.
                      YachtDay Support
                      What’s New in Version 2.0

                      – New look with making changes in UI
                      – Adding the features of Special yacht
                      – Now directly make inquiry with support team for any yacht
                      – Push notification


                        Share and schedule posts to Twitter and Instagram from one place

                        Any link, text or picture you want to share, just add it .
                        Video supported with twitter only

                        • Schedule your posts using a Custom Time to schedule for specific events or campaigns.
                        • Share from all of your favourite apps using our iOS extension.
                        • Never run out of amazing content with Instagram Reposting.


                          The app provide users with short and long radios based on subscription and it works for targeted customers based on location and interests support Arabic & English languages.


                            Dear FOGSI colleague,
                            We are very happy to appraise you about the AICOG 2017 & to bring you the greetings of monsoon, the season of deluge! We are pleased to inform you that we have nearly reached the magic figure of 3000+ confirmed registrations, and we expect this figure to grow 3 times to this, all a result of tremendous enthusiasm of members of FOGSI!

                            The organizing team & members of AOGS (Ahmedabad Obstetric & Gynaecological Society) are eager to receive you with traditional Gujarati ethos. As a mark of this many members have volunteered to offer home hospitality to the visiting delegates. We request you to avail this opportunity and sample Gujarati way of life.

                            The scientific program is under preparations and we have already confirmed more than 35 foreign faculties, and the number is likely to grow to 50+. We have aimed to design a scientific program that will be of interest to both, the young greenhorn in the profession, and at the same time the senior colleague looking for technical advances and newer thoughts. The skill enhancement will be addressed by a wide selection of total 12 workshops.

                            We are sure that each of you have a specific interest in your professional practice. You are welcome to share and discuss your own work and data with all FOGSI colleagues, and we invite you to send the abstract for a free paper session or a poster presentation before October 15, 2016.

                            As perhaps you are well aware, the concept of vegetarianism is practiced by Gujaratis in a big way, which has made us explore a variety of gastronomic delights which are unique to this region. We recommend you to savour these delectable preparations in addition to the regular multi-cuisine fare. The Hon. Prime minister of India has also regaled the foreign state guests with these over last 2 years!

                            Ahmedabad and Gujarat are famed for the rich cultural heritage and two unique festivals celebrated here are the Uttarayana (festival of Kites) & the Navratra (traditional dance form – Garba). We have arranged these at the time of conference for your benefit.

                            We always welcome creative ideas & solicit your gracious presence in Ahmedabad in January, 2017. Gujaratis are well-known for their hospitality & we wish to consolidate that impression and are ready to receive you in the best season to visit Ahmedabad. We are very confident that you will take back the ‘Khushboo Gujaratki’ when you leave the conference and head back to your own state!

                              EVENT LIVE

                              Event Live is a social experience app for all types of events. Access up to the minute event details, share photos, ask questions and interact with other people while making new connections through real-time social streams.

                                DEENIYAT: QURAN DEEN DUA SURAH

                                Deeniyat app is a completely free app for all Muslim brothers.It has Unique feature of Reading and Listen Quran Pak offline(with English and Urdu Translation) , when your mobile is not connected with internet. You can set Islamic ringtone and beautiful Mobile Screen on your mobile from app. This app also share daily quote related to Islam ,Deen Dua and hadith. Which you can share on watsapp ,facebook directly from the app .Deeniyat app indicate about Namaz timing Qibla (Kaba) direction and location of the Masjid (Mosque ) near you. Deeniyat app have complete Quran for your reading and audio translation of Surah Yaseen , Surh Rehmaan ,Surh mulk (Online and Offline Both) . This app also provide you option to download free Islamic mobile wallpaper ,Free Islamic Ringtones to set on your mobile . You can download various Islamic Walpaper and set them as your mobile screen. You can set various Azan ringtones as your mobile tune . This app is having 99 Names of allah, Arabic word quiz quote and Much more.. Deeniyat app also have Dua and hadees for various occasion, like which dua is for entering the mosque and coming out of mosque. Which dua is after Azan after eating food for sehri and Iftar in Ramzan.

                                Main Feature.
                                (1) Read all Surah of Quran Offline without Internet
                                (2) Listen all Surah of Quran with Translation in Urdu and English with or without internet(Offline)
                                (3) Name and distance of the Masjid (Mosque) with the path from your location.
                                (4) Accurate Namaz(Prayer) timing based on current location .
                                (5) Accurate Qibla (Kaba) direction.
                                (6) Complete Quran (Al quran) for reading online and offline .
                                (7) Various Dua and Darood Shareef for different occasion .
                                (8) Surh Yaseen ,Surh Rehmaan with audio and translation (Tarjuma)
                                (9) Daily Islamic quote to be share on watsapp and facebook .
                                (10) Beautiful Islamic wallpaper to set as mobile background
                                (11) Islamic ringtones to set as your mobile tunes
                                (12) 99 Names of Allah .
                                (13) Muslim tarikh (Date ) calendar.


                                  2 CLICK SPEED DIAL CONTACT WIDGET

                                  It’s so easy 2Click.

                                  2Click widget provides you the ability to contact your favorite love ones, friends and co-workers directly from your home screen. You can start making a phone call, sending Watsapp, SMS or sending a mail with only one tap.

                                    BLACKJACK STRATEGY TRAINER FREE

                                    Learn how to play blackJack like a pro, when to Hit, Stand, Split or Double with Robot – Jack. no need to memorize any blackjack Charts rules or strategies anymore! This Blackjack calculator simply asks you to select the Dealer’s up card, and then the Player’s cards, at which point it will immediately tell you the optimum play to make.
                                    You have it all here : expert tips, training videos alongside best online casinos reviews and bonuses info.

                                    • Learn basic / advanced blackjack strategies fast and easy.
                                    • Dedicated money management and bankroll tips.
                                    • Integrated statistic tool that shows the dealer bust chances.
                                    • Gold tips per action created according to the blackjack charts.
                                    • Best collection of blackjack videos for beginners/advanced players !

                                    Learning how to make money in blackjack is very important, and in order to do that you just need to use a proper blackjack trainer free. Robot – Jack is here to offer you the casino strategy and practice experience that you always wanted. This is a great blackjack trainer casino card game where you can learn the casino card game counting 21 and you can get from a beginner to master in no time
                                    The blackjack 21 challenge is pretty hard to fulfill on your own. But you can use Robot – Jack to become the ultimate blackjack whiz. This boss blackjack trainer is here to bring you all the best information on how you can play this game, and it’s a lot of fun to go through all this info!

                                    With Robot – Jack, you get immediate access to training videos, as well as online casino reviews and tips that come directly from the expert mouth. You also have an interactive calculator, money management tips, a statistics tool and a gold tips per action experience. The app is also a dedicated blackjack calculator that helps you figure out which are the best moves for the current game. That being said, the calculator will give you different options according to the game that you are currently playing.

                                    Since Robot – Jack integrates all the best training videos of all time, you can get the hand to hand training and motivation that you always wanted extremely fast and without any issue.

                                    This easy blackjack trainer free allows you to learn how to beat the dealer and how to deal blackjack very fast. It has all the strategies you need to learn how to make money in blackjack without a ton of effort. Robot – Jack also integrates a blackjack trainer, blackjack strategy trainer and blackjack21 tips.

                                    Moreover, included in Robot – Jack you can get the ultimate blackjack 21 money management and the best blackjack strategy charts that you can find out there. Combine all of that with the best multi decks knowledge and blackjack basics, then you will see why Robot – Jack delivers the value and quality in no time.

                                    The blackjack strategy card printable allows you to take the practice to real life, and you can easily test your multiple deck blackjack strategy this way too. From learning the blackjack counting cards mechanics to the blackjack rules, it’s safe to say that Robot – Jack is the app that you always wanted for your blackjack needs. Robot – Jack app is based on the this well known web application and contain the same software algorithms.

                                    If you need a counting cards blackjack trainer, the best counting cards blackjack videos and a good way to become an expert in this game, then Robot – Jack is the right app for you. From using the best training videos online to helping you up your game and also reading the latest casino reviews, Robot – Jack has it all, so check it out now!

                                      SCREEN RECORDER AND VIDEO EDITOR ONE TAP WITH SHARE

                                      Screen Recorder does not need any root access to record your screen and works on all phones with Android Lollipop 5.0 and above.
                                      You can also record audio along with the screen recording and get it beautifully combined with recorded video.

                                      1. Longer screen recording, with Audio – record for up to 1 hour.

                                      2. Audio recording via the mic.

                                      3. A beautiful user interface

                                      4. Use notification control

                                      5. After recorder , share video to your friend or cloud service.

                                        AUDIO RECORDER RING CUTTER MERGER

                                        Audio Recorder Ring Cutter Merger is an application in your android device that cut your MP3, AAC, WAV, M4A, AMR and make your ringtone that you like.

                                        Audio Recorder Ring Cutter Merger is a powerful and complete Audio Editor with most big Advantage of Free version.

                                        <<<<< Features >>>>>

                                        ➜ MP3 Cutter :
                                        Select the portion from the song then trim desired part of the song for using in Ringtone, Notification, Alarm. You can see an indicator cursor. you can cut the song at the perfect position you want. Audio MP3 Ring Cutter Merger supports cutting of MP3, AAC, WAV, M4A, AMR etc….

                                        ➜ Mp3 Player:
                                        Audio Ring Cutter Merger has Inbuilt Mp3 player in the app.

                                        ➜ Recorder for recording your voice and music. Use these recordings in same like above with ringtone,notification and Alarm.

                                        ➜ Share Audio:
                                        Now this is the most important features that you can share your own Edited Audio to your friends with Social media. This will really make fun in share your Audio or own Voice.

                                        ➜ MP3 Merger :
                                        Coming Soon….

                                        So just install the most powerful Audio Editor with all audio Cutter features and slet us know what is missing!
                                        Make your own best song and use it to share, Ringtone, Notification, Alarm.

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