Is your FAQ schema markup not displaying rich results in Google Search? Here are three potential explanations.

Google’s Search specialist Rohit Gotecha discusses three possible reasons why your FAQ schema markup isn’t creating rich snippets in search results.

During the January 8 Google Search Central SEO office-hours chat, this information is discussed.

A website owner submits a query inquiring why Google doesn’t display rich results for pages that use the FAQ schema markup.

They notice that Google Search Console isn’t indicating any technical faults with the HTML, and are wondering whether there could be non-technical reasons why rich results aren’t showing.

The website owner worries that this might be a sign that Google doesn’t trust the information on their site.

That might be the case.

Rohit Gotecha’s response is shown below, along with Google’s three excuses for not showing rich results in SERPs.

Why Does Google Search Not Display FAQ Rich Results?

FAQ-rich results, like other forms of rich results, will only display in Google Search if specific conditions are met.

Technically Correct, Level One

The FAQ markup must first be correctly implemented on a technical level.

To find out if there are any markup application mistakes, use Search Console.

That’s probably not the case in this instance, as Rohit Gotecha points out, as the site owner stated that Search Console had not revealed any issues.

“On the one hand, they must be accurate in their technicalities. These appear to be technically correct.

Level 2: Obedience to Policies

In addition to being technically correct, the markup must correspond to Google’s structured data guidelines.

The only important rule to follow when using FAQ markup is to make sure the questions and answers are visible on the page.

On the other hand, they must comply with our policies, says Rohit Gotecha. Regarding FAQ-rich results, I don’t believe we have any substantial policies other than the requirement that the material be visible on the page.

Level Three: Credibility

There is one remaining issue, though, whether the markup is technically right and complies with Google’s guidelines: Does Google trust the content?

According to Rohit Gotecha, it’s likely that Google isn’t completely satisfied with the website’s excellence in this case and doesn’t trust it enough to include FAQs in search results as a result.

” We need to be able to determine that this website is relatively trustworthy in that regard so that we can notice the third concern that occasionally comes into play in this scenario, allowing us to believe that the material it contains is accurate.

And there are situations when we may not be entirely sold on a website from a quality standpoint, in which case we wouldn’t display it. However, those are the three steps I would consider.

technically correct, sort of. Does it correspond to our policies? If everything is accurate, I would then consider, “Well, what can I do to dramatically increase the quality of my website as a whole?”

In conclusion, there are three reasons why Google might not be showing FAQ snippets in search results:

1. From a technical aspect, the markup is incorrectly implemented.

2. The markup is not being used in accordance with Google’s regulations.

3. Google does not consider your website to be of high quality and does not believe it is trustworthy enough to display rich results.

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