Get your website indexed and crawled by the Google crawler before claiming your position at the top of the search results.

A number of crucial factors will affect how long it takes for Google to crawl and index your website.

I made my site live two weeks ago and Google still hasn’t crawled it, how come?

is one of the most frequent inquiries we get from new website owners.

The truth is that in 2022 it will be much harder to obtain a website indexed and crawled by Google than it was five or six years ago. Google crawlers are busy, according to the most recent statistics, and the number of active websites exceeds 200 million, while Google’s index has more than 55 billion web pages.

Websites must be simple to crawl in 2022 and provide visitors with value. Publishing duplicate, duplicated, or low-quality content may cause your website to lose its audience.

How long before Google indexes my website?

The size and intricacy of your site’s structure will determine how long it takes Google to index your website. Smaller websites can be fully indexed by Google in 4 days to 6 weeks, however, larger websites might take up to 6 months.

The longer it takes Google to crawl and index a website, generally speaking, the bigger the website is and the more similar the content is across different web pages (think: e-commerce sites with thousands of similar pages).

Indexing times for different-sized websites range from four to six weeks for small (under 100 pages), fourteen to twelve weeks for medium (up to 1,000 pages), one to six months for large (more than 1,000 pages), and six months or more for very large (more than 100,000 pages) websites.

These numbers are merely meant to be illustrative. The length of time it takes Google to index your website will vary depending on a variety of technological aspects, the caliber of the material, and the sector in which your website competes.

We advise dealing with an SEO specialist if your website takes longer than 50% longer than the aforementioned timescales because there might be more serious problems at hand.

How can I get Google to index my site more quickly?

Every day, Google crawls and indexes billions of brand-new web pages. To maintain your position at the top, you must build a website that is simple for Google to crawl and provide information that is deserving of being added to Google’s index. Your website’s indexing process will take longer if crawl bots are unable to locate, access, and crawl all of the different pages on your website.

  • Improve website architecture and fundamental technical SEO principles
  • Create XML sitemap and submit it to Google Search Console
  • Have an HTML sitemap and update it as pages change on your website
  • Check for website errors or usability issues
  • Regularly update your site and add new content
  • Earn high-quality backlinks from other reputable websites
  • Requesting a custom URL crawl is no longer as successful as it once was.
  • Publish fresh information on social networking platforms;
  • Produce informative website content;
  • Review the URLs on your website.

Google seeks to index online pages that benefit users. Follow the above checklist to make sure your website is providing value and is deserving of getting indexed by Google.

How can I find out if Google has indexed my website?

You need to set up and become familiar with Google Search Console in order to find out if Google has scanned your website or when a page was last indexed. A new web page’s average crawl time might range from three days to four weeks.

After setting up Google Search Console, you can proceed as follows:

1. Access Google Search Console.

2. Select “Settings” from the menu.

3. Locate “Crawl Stats” under the options section.

4. Select “Open Report.”

5. To find the crawl by response code, visit the “Crawl Requests Breakdown” section.

You’re done; it’s all done! You may find out when a Google crawler last viewed a particular website page by looking at the crawl requests broken down by response code.

A conclusion

The Google search bots will have a lot to do in 2022. Crawl bots are in great demand because there are 200 million active websites and more than 55 billion web pages that have been indexed, therefore your website needs to be useful and accessible in order to be indexed by Google.

Is my site deserving of getting indexed by Google? is a crucial question to ask yourself if your website is technically sound but you are still unable to get it to crawl. When Google crawls, indexes, and ranks websites, providing users with content and an online experience that offers genuine value are crucial factors.

Still, experiencing issues getting Google to index and find your website? It might be time to see an SEO specialist who can analyze any problems with your Google Search Console and comprehend the problems. Get in contact with Jexcore Infotech SEO experts immediately to see how we can get your website back on track.

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