??? ?????? ????: ??? ???? ????? ???? is a subway themed endless run game.

Slide the screen to surf in subway, escape from inspectors.
Super crazy running game, Subway Surf: Bush Rush 3D as fast as you can! ??? ?????? ????: ??? ???? ????? ???? is an amazing running game on subway for runner. Run along the chaos complex traffic subway and escape from the monster.
Swipe to turn, jump and slide to avoid hitting obstacles, barrier and subway trains. Have exciting run surfers on Bus 3D, collect coins and buy power up. Unlock new characters, and see how far you can run! Underground city adventure travel along the subway tracks start now,surf with your friends. Run like hell and challenge your limit. Super Subway Surf Hours must be a very fun run game. Download it now and start your Subway Surf run and forest surfers, join the most thrilling dash.
??? ?????? ????: ??? ???? ????? ???? Features:
– A variety of role selection, a variety of unique skills
– Easy and smooth operation
– New subway scene,wonderful underground city and forest.
– Thrilling moment, death speed

How to play ??? ?????? ????: ??? ???? ????? ????:

– When you are pursued by a security guard / ranger, you must run and stay away from the security guard, when you run, you will find many challenges that can make you fail to succeed in playing the 2017 subway surf game.
– In the game there will be many useful items for you, such as: rocket to fly, skateboard, jumping boots, and others.
– When you run, you must collect gold coins, the coin is useful to buy characters and items in the ??? ?????? ????: ??? ???? ????? ????.

That’s how to play this 2017 subway, hopefully be entertained.

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