Operations Manager, Indonesia

Wiedy Antara

I start my career as a teacher then be a tour guide, tour operator, MICE officer and Umrah/hajj independent consultant. I achieved Certificate of Excellence Trip Advisor for 10 consecutive years. Now, I'm focusing on Quality Tourism | Green Property | Charity.


Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago, 17,504 islands. Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, the socio-cultural diversity that forms a single state of different cultures, tribes and languages. Indonesia known for being friendly, orderly, tolerant, humble and respectful without ever feeling victorious. Coexistence in all sides, religion, culture, taste and a cool heart.
1. Adventure, Cycling, Rafting &Trekking tours.
2. Highlight JAVA & BALI packages.
3. Cooking, traditional music & dance class.
4. Meeting, conference & wedding

Professional Skills

Software Development 80%
Graphic Design 74%
JavaScript 89%
Web Development 90%
Cyber Security 84%